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August, 2014

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Sept 6th 2014

What is the Burn?

The Burn 24-7 is a renaissance movement of vertical worship and intercession. Jesus appointed the twelve to first of all "be with Him". This core value set the pattern of David's Tent, St. Francis of Assisi and his troubadours, and the Moravians. This is also the DNA of the Burn. The Burn is diverse in expression, non-denominational in affiliation, simple in focus, and missional in practice.
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Oct 16th -23rd 2014

Please call The CCBD today to register early for this great Conference.
Tel: 1-888-481-9222
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Sept 13th 2014


Faith and Family on September 13th vs. The Toronto Argonauts.

Tickets are only $20 per person (When purchasing 10+ through the Faith and Family Link at

This is a great opportunity to gather as a community of faith and watch some great CFL action!

In addition, those churches and individuals who purchase Faith and Family tickets in attendance are invited to come down to the field after the game for a group photo. Call the Calgary Christian Business Directory for more info.


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