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July, 2015

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Break Forth Ministries
is pleased to announce North America's newest major Christian artist competition and for the first time ever the "Break Forth Song Competition". This is the place where art, heart, integrity and potential combine for an opportunity of a lifetime! If you've been looking to share your God-given gifts before thousands then this is what you've been waiting for!

Let Your Light So Shine Before Thousands!
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2015/16 Edition

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Oct 24th

Laugh For Life Gala

Tickets for this year's Gala are now available from the Winspear Box Office.

Please plan ahead to avoid disappointment as the 2014 Gala sold out more than two months ahead of time. The 12th annual #LFLGala promises to be one of the highlights of your year!
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Aug 14th

Beyond The Mask

Opens in select theatres nation-wide August 14th. The whole family can join in the adventure!
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Nabeel Qureshi,
(Ravi Zacharias ministries) was born into a Muslim family and through the amazing love and pursuit of God, he is now a dedicated Christian. His personal story of how he experienced life-change is an inspiration and challenge to each one of us to love those God has placed in our lives. - Watch Now

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