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February, 2017

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Date Night Comedy Tour is a 2 hr interactive live event for couples of all ages. With a passion to engage with humor and inspire with hope, this event is "Not your normal Date Night!" Come prepared to laugh, love and learn as our comics Matt Falk and James MacNeil create a night you won't soon forget. Plus enjoy as 5 couples play Family Feud live!
Friday February 10, 2017 at 7:30pm MST
Tickets are $15 - $25 All ages welcome! Learn More

A conference to engage, encourage, and sustain creation care in the Christian mission in Alberta.

The conversation around environmental stewardship has become incredibly polarized. Often missing in this conversation is the Christian voice. Both those in the Church and those in wider society need a clear understanding of what the Biblical narrative says about environmental stewardship, climate justice, and how to face an uncertain future with hope.
This conference will explore the Christian response to environmental issues. Participants will be encouraged to discover what Scripture tells us about our relationship to the rest of creation, what God expects of the Church, and how Jesus is central to creation's redemption story.

The conference opens Thursday night at Ambrose University and continues all day Friday and Saturday at Samaritan's Purse Canada. Learn More
Saturday April 8th, 7pm.
The Calgary Roughnecks are hosting the Faith and Family Night on Saturday April 8th for their home game against the Buffalo Bandits. Come out and catch the action with special ticket prices of only $20. Also included is a Roughnecks player motivational speech! Email For Tickets or more information please contact Allana Minchau at 403-777-4611 or email
If you'd like to become part of a dynamic, positive-thinking and life-giving team, then please consider applying to work with us in one of the following capacities. Learn More
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